How to Cryo

This quick guide will provide the basics to have a safe, enjoyable, and beneficial cryo session

  • Shoes with soles or the slippers we provide
  • Underwear, bathing suit, or sports bra/shorts (more skin exposure the better)
  • Gloves
  • Headband or beanie
  • Mask (optional - for comfort only)

2-3.5 mins. Start off slow and add time/intensity as you do more sessions

We recommend using our noise cancelling headphones with music of your choice to help you focus on your session. 

Quickly enter the chamber, leaving the door open for as short as possible to maintain optimal temperature

The LED light bars will change color to signify the progress of your session. When they flash back to the original color, the session is over and you can exit the chamber. 

*PLEASE NOTE: You can exit the chamber at ANY TIME if you are feeling any discomfort by pushing lightly on the glass door.

The most important thing to remember is to wear shoes with soles and to not touch the surfaces or walls of the chamber with your bare skin. 

-Whenever the door is opened, a 5 minute safety timer will start. If the all clear button on the ipad is not pressed after 4 minutes, an alarm with sounds, the chamber will shut down, and fresh air will be pumped in. Please press all clear after you session if doing it on your own

Walk around the full area of the chamber and move slightly to continuously break your body's heat barrier for optimal results.