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Cryotherapy is a short, 2-3 minutes session in a spacious, walk-in cold room. Our Everest Cryo Chamber by CryoBuilt is the safest and most effective cryotherapy system in the world, using only electricity and no harmful gasses.

Cryotherapy triggers anti-inflammatory responses in the body to keep your core warm. Because of this response, where blood concentrates toward the center of your body and outer tissues become constricted, cryotherapy is commonly used to reduce inflammation and pain. The benefits don’t stop there, either. Cryotherapy has also been used in weight-loss & anti-aging programs, mood enhancement, or even as an immunity boost.

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Experience cryotherapy luxury in the same chamber used by celebrities and professional athletes. Enjoy ice cold bliss in your own private room by yourself or with a friend.

  • Appointment Duration: 10 minutes

We transform illness into wellness, fear into courage, and challenge into triumph.

By pushing the body to its natural limits, we cause healing and transformation to happen as it should

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