Sensory Deprivation

How to Float

This quick guide will provide the basics to have a safe, enjoyable, and beneficial float session

You may float in a bathing suit or nude. Do not wear clothes or underwear in the float suite. Undress, and immediately put on the provided shower shoes before showering. If shower shoes are not provided, please stop and ask for some. 

  • Put in ear plugs
  • Apply ointment to any cuts or open wounds to protect from burning sensation
  • Ask for a swim cap if you don't want your hair to get wet

It is important to thoroughly rinse off in the shower before AND after you float session. Showering before helps to remove the oils from your body and showing after helps to rinse the salt off.

Remove your shower shoes and enter the float suite in only your bathing suite or completely nude

Your float session will be roughly 60 minutes in duration. You may exit at any time but we encourage you to relax and let yourself enjoy the float session - Typically after a few minutes, you will reach a relaxed state and may even fall asleep

You may exit the float early at any time, but if you desire to do the entire session, the audio will tell you when it is time to get out. 

-Upon exiting, be sure to step directly into your shower shoes and not onto the floor with barefeet

-We do recommend showering fully after a float session to rinse off all salt. You may need to double rinse.